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Welcome to the Website of the Korea Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association

  • The Korea Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association, since its foundation
    in 1945, along with pharmaceutical companies has been committed to improve
    healthcare for all mankind and develop pharmaceutical industry.

    With about 190 member companies, KPMA expanded R&D investments since the
    implementation of Drug Substance Patent Law in 1987 to place Korea in the
    world’s 10th country to commercialize new molecular entities in 2003. Up until the
    end of 2008, 14 new molecular entities products were developed in the country,
    with 45 projects from 29 companies undergoing clinical studies, 61 potential
    candidates currently under new drugs development phases and 40 cases of
    licensing out in 14 countries.

    In order to manufacture safe medicines of the highest quality, 65 companies
    collectively invested 2 trillion won to upgrade manufacturing plants in compliance
    with c-GMP standards. In addition, to increase credibility in the international
    pharmaceutical market, Fair Competition Committee was established and Hotline
    Reporting Center for code compliance complaints was activated to escalate efforts
    in making all transaction as fair as possible.

  • 협회사진

Market size of Korean pharmaceutical industry, gauged by values of drugs manufactured, in 2000 was 7.89 trillion won and the size grew substantially to 13.43 trillion won in 2007, almost doubling the size. Such a significant increase is attributed to rapid aging of the population, external and political factors that favorably affected the industry as well as continuous investments in R&D and GMP upgrades.

KPMA aims to strengthen collaboration of Korean companies with pharmaceutical companies already having experience in product launches in the overseas markets.

I will highly appreciate your active support and encouragement so that we could not only keep promoting national health through the development and supply of high qualified drugs but also contribute to the national development in the BT era which is the national growth engine. Thank you

President KPMA   Kyeongho Lee